Audiovisual Studies (Estudos Audiovisuais) is a consolidated research group of the University of Santiago de Compostela at the Communication Sciences department and established in 2003, being registered in the catalogue of the Research Groups of the USC in 2005 (GI_1786).

Margarita Ledo Andión is the group director and it is currently composed by 15 members, of whom 11 are research members, all of them are full or associated professor doctors of the USC, belonging to the bachelor’s degree programme in Audiovisual Communication and Publicity. Moreover, it includes the participation of 4 researchers in formation.

The foundation of this research group was a logical consequence of the consolidation of the Audiovisual Observatory (ODA), which was created in 1998 in the bosom of the Communication Sciences Department, becoming part of the research program TV and interculturality: Communication in the Atlantic Outskirts. The Audiovisual Observatory (ODA- Observatorio do Audiovisual) has focused its object of study primarily on the systematic analysis of the trans-regional integration Galicia-North of Portugal, and the entailment and publication of biannual reports on the state-of-the-art of the Galician audiovisual production were its main activities.

As the time went by, the foundational objectives of the ODA are being consolidated, seeing themselves reinforced by the creation of the Audiovisual Studies research group.  Audiovisual Communication: contents, formats and technology, established on the grounds of the observatory in 2003. Currently, the group research labour can be summarized in seven broad research lines:

- Culture and Communication Policies.

- Geo-linguistic spaces of communication.

- Contents production: interactivity and interculturality.

- Radio and television information contents.

- Products for television and applied production technologies.

- Radio and television programming and audiences.

- Communication without gaps.

During these nine years of its existence, the Audiovisual Studies group has developed several R&D projects, such as Radio and television information contents. Information, aesthetic and language treatment, a research which has been published in various peer-reviewed journals and presented in many congresses, conferences and meetings. Yet, the R&D project Analysis on the information treatment in the media in 2006 as well as the audiovisual online course and disability, in collaboration with Menela Foundation taken place between November 2006 and January 2007 were supported by this research group. Between 2008 and 2011, the EA has carried out the research “Lusophony, Interactivity and Interculturality”, in order to analyse the gaps on the circulation of Galician cinematographic contents inside the lusophone space. Following the same research line and as first approach to the flow of digital contents, the group is currently working on the non-oriented fundamental research project “Cinema, diversity & nets”, under the framework of the Research and Development National Plan of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

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