A Estrada’s space Dispara organizes a collodion process photographic workshop

On 18 and 19 June, the visual artist, photographer and teacher Francisco Gómez will impart a collodion process workshop at A Estrada’s space Dispara. The collodion process is a mid-19th century technique which, as with daguerrotype, is caracterized by its great definition power. It is made with view cameras and the supports commonly used are glass or metal, prepared with a base of wet collodion and silver, so that each picture is a unique piece.

The workshop is part of the current interest on the recuperation of old processes. During it, each one of the ten predicted students will make a collodion with his personal portrait. The price is 99 euros for the 12 hours of workshop (8 on saturday and 4 on sunday), and the registration can be done at the address dispara@dispara.org.

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